Meet the Maker BEHIND MIMBY

Robin Tilling


I make things. 

And I like to meet people who make things.  I like to talk about making things.  With a couple of friends I started a school called Craftstitute, where people could find crafty classes.  We ran a lot of different classes - sewing, knitting, natural dyes, block printing and jewelry making, and woodworking, for example - and learned a lot of new skills in the process.  Eventually, we found that running a school didn't jive with our lives and had to close our doors.  It was bittersweet.

The community of people I found through Craftstitute is amazing.  Both the people who taught classes and the people who took them have so much to offer this vibrant little city of ours, and it wasn’t long before I was trying to figure out how to help people connect.

MIMBY is a bunch of things in my mind, but mostly it’s my avenue for connecting with makers by being a maker, and helping others find the makers and people who are asking the same questions about life and where craft fits.

Sometimes I talk about roller skating and parenting, just so you don’t see me as one-dimensional.

- Robin