Project Tote - The Indigo Sample

Project Tote - The Indigo Sample


Project bags….like totes, you can never have too many. As someone who carries both knitting and sewing projects wherever I go, I am always looking for THE perfect vehicle to ferry my projects from meetings to the pool to my backyard and friends’ homes. This little tote can hold a sweater sized project (ask me how I know), tools, a phone, a wallet - those extras you want to have on hand.

Sewn from indigo-dyed (by me in my backyard!) bull denim and lined with cotton canvas, this sturdy tote measuring 12.5” tall, 13.5” wide at top, and 7.25” deep at the base has hand-riveted leather handles 14” long - the perfect length to sit on your wrist for knitting while standing in line for a concert. Snaps on the ends will pull in the sides and keep your knitting from tumbling free when you toss it in the backseat.

Note on pricing: I price my totes to cover my materials, my time, and a little bit of overhead. I believe in local handcrafts, and I believe that people should be able to afford locally made goods. This means that I can’t sell these totes wholesale for you to purchase at this price through a shop. Translation: this pretty much guarantees a unique product for you.

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