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Some of My Favorites

Where to Find Local Makers

Ithaca and the surrounding area is rich with local artisans.  Click on the picture to visit.


Jewelry and Metalwork

Elizabeth Knight brings the communal jewelry studio founded in Brooklyn to Ithaca.  Book bench time to do your own project or schedule a class to make Geometric Earrings, Stacked Rings, or your own Wedding Bands (so romantic!).  All information can be found at her website.

Clotheshorse Studio

It's always exciting to see someone offering classes that you want to take even if you have the skills already.  Natasha Keller is offering a range of classes designed to empower new and accomplished sewers alike.  Details to be found at her website and on her Facebook page.

FLAIR - Finger Lakes Art & Inspiration Retreat

It's billed as a "low-key women's crafting retreat in central NY," and it's all that and more.  Not only is it a great opportunity to get away and learn some new skills, crafty classes & opportunities are organized year-round, and you'll meet some fantastic women doing cool things!

Raven Alchemy Arts

My friend Erika is soft spoken, her gentle demeanor cloaks a fierce artistic vision that shines through on her Instagram feed.  She makes gorgeous jewelry out of reclaimed metal and natural materials and sells on Etsy and locally at the GreenStar Market.

Luna Fiber Studio

Artist Sarah Gotowka is an energetic artist, teacher, and student, always seeking knowledge and sharing what's she's learned.  Her fiber studio includes natural dyes harvested locally and she offers a wide variety of natural dye and weaving classes.

Hector Handmade

Artisan gift shop collective and studio for workshops started by two best friends.  It's nestled in between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes in the middle of the Wine Trail and numerous breweries and good eats, making it a perfect creative destination.