15th century Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur

15th century Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur

My husband has been traveling overseas for work for the last two weeks.  He's been in India and the Philippines, and no, it seems there was no time for textile shopping, sadly, though he did get to explore a 15th century fortress.  Erika jetted off to Australia yesterday to catch up with old friends and investigate the handcraft schools popping up in Melbourne, which almost seems like the crafty capital of the world right now.  So much interesting forward thinking happening there.

I tend to be a homebody.  Everything I love to do I can do at home or nearby.  I have a big lovely room for my projects, and a big house for socializing.  A quick walk out the door and I'm in big fields where I can watch the seasonal changes happen infinitesimally and then all at once.  But I love to travel too.  I love how traveling opens your eyes and expands your thinking.  I love that the world is full of beautiful places, both natural and manmade, and kind people, and when you travel you are reminded of those larger truths.

How the maharaja traveled.

How the maharaja traveled.

We're going to start offering some classes geared towards kids.  People have been asking, and it is part of what I see as my mission at least, to demystify and make natural and normal the idea of creating your own everyday stuff.  Teaching kids is different from teaching adults.  They are generally unafraid to jump in, so mistakes happen quickly.  They don't get hung up on perfection and tend to focus on the doing.  The energy is completely different and requires harnessing without smothering.  It's exhausting, quite honestly, which is why we've been hesitant.  

But teaching adults has reminded me why it's important to get kids started early.  

I was talking to a parent recently about downhill skiing and why we had our daughter skiing (besides the fact that she loves it) since we don't do it as a family activity.  Just like skating and cycling and so many physical activities, an introduction when you're young can make the hurdles much lower to taking it up again as an adult.  If you skied as a kid, even if you don't do it again until you're in your 30's, you still have those muscle memories to recall.

So if that's true for physical activities, why wouldn't it be true for sewing and knitting and other crafty endeavors?

Keep an eye out on offerings, and please make some suggestions!  

Lastly, a plug for my creative outlet MiMBY (MadeinMyBackYard).  I've resurrected my Etsy shop and hope to convince Erika to place her beautiful Indigo scarves for sale there, as well as the wares of some of our other talented instructors.  Eventually, we plan to have a small area set aside for retail sales at Craftstitute, but in the meantime.... Feel free to make special fabric or color requests!  And remember that I will always make a local delivery!

Robin xo