Post- Apocalypse, the Skills You Need

Acid dye skein samples

Acid dye skein samples

I ran into an old acquaintance the other night.  She kindly said that she had been following our business communications and that she was so happy for me for finding my people.  "I'm sorry we weren't your people," she said, laughing.  That required some reflection on my part.  To be honest, I don't think I knew what my people looked like back then.  It's taken me a long time to figure out who I am, so how could I possible recognize kindred spirits?

First world problems for sure.  We are blessed to live in a place and time where we can choose our people and build our communities from a foundation of shared values and ideals and dreams.

One of the things that is important to our mission with Craftstitute is building community.  While mission makes it sound like we're taking ourselves too seriously, in truth it's just about creating a place where people who share our passion for making stuff can hang out and meet people and learn skills.  Lately, I've been referring to many of the skills as "post- apocalyptic" skills - the ones you'll need when the zombies have us on the run.  Go ahead and laugh, even though I can't run far, people will want me in their fortress as I can knit, sew, make a mean pie, and double dig a garden.  I'm not bad with a hammer if needed.  I would probably make a decent hunter as I can sit still for long periods of time without talking - knitting breeds patience, after all.  I've even milked a sheep.  Just saying.

We've got some of those skills on order for the summer - cheese making (learning to milk the cow might be required for the true survival toolbox), knitting a sweater (winter is coming), making your own paints, dyeing your yarn, building a paper lantern (for post-apocalypse parties!), recycling your t-shirts into yarn and knitting/crocheting a rug (winter is long and cold).  Consider the idea that your teen should learn these skills early.

While reviewing survival skills, I would also recommend that you look into Primitive Pursuits (for if you wind up on the run), and the Hammerstone School, because knowing how to build your own shelter makes you a valuable member of the P.A. world.  

I guess what I'm saying is that this community we're building?  It's the one that will survive in the aftermath.