The Lost Sweater

Missing:  handknit grasshopper green sweater

Missing:  handknit grasshopper green sweater

There is nothing quite so demoralizing as a sweater that you knit for your kid that has gone missing.  The down side of knitting a lot is that your family takes it for granted.  "But you like to knit," they say when you chide them for carelessness with their knitted objects.  "You can knit me another."  

This should not dissuade you from taking our knit a sweater class, but do consider making your first sweater for yourself... although... knitting for children does go much faster.

I have a plan for our cake topper class with Rebecca Barry this Friday.  I'm bringing a bottle of wine and a picture of Moomintroll.  Or the Snork Maiden, I'm not sure which.  While I love Rebecca's Edward Gorey inspired clay creatures, my heart is with the little Finnish trolls that inhabit Tove Janssen's lovely children's stories.  I want a Moomin sitting on top of my next chocolate cake.  

Speaking of chocolate cake, do you know that the all time best chocolate cake recipe resides on the Hershey's unsweetened baking cocoa box, and has for the last 80 years?  Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake is my fall back cake recipe - it always tastes great and no matter how ugly my execution, people always eat every bite.  

Lisa's Learn to Crochet class starts tomorrow night, and I was pretty keen on a hat until I saw crocheted stones on That Place of Lost Hours.  Suddenly, I feel the need for lots of crocheted stones.  Everyone needs one.  They look like sea urchins, don't you think?

Image from Purl Bee of Margaret Oomen's work.

Don't forget card making with Beth Dewalt on Wednesday.  I am a fan of creating our own cards, and with the plethora of websites for quotes and other pithy commentary, there is no need to rely on Hallmark for your card purchases.

School's almost out, and there is nothing more to be said except that crafting keeps away the boredom.