Have you seen the pictures?

Yesterday, we held the plant dye class.  Wow!  The rich variety of colors that come from the most interesting sources - lichen and madder root and marigolds - was truly inspiring.  One commenter on our Facebook page thought that the yarn looked like rainbow pasta - that's how saturated the colors were, and it got me thinking that I need to talk to our neighbor Tony, who incidentally is teaching a pasta making class/dinner in June.  Creating rainbow pasta is a handcraft skill for sure.

Speaking of color, this Thursday, May 7th, we're holding our first block printing class.  This is a skill I'm particularly keen to work on as I see so many applications for it.  While this class will focus on printing on paper (think beautiful cards and wrapping paper!), my goal is to eventually build the skills to print on fabric.  I bought a $3 skirt from the Salvation Army that is nice enough, but bland, and a printed border would transform it into a unique creation.  I've been looking at Japanese family crests on Pinterest, which offer a great place to start.  The blocks you carve on Thursday will be yours to keep, so you will have plenty of opportunities to continue exploring this wonderful craft.  

On Saturday, we are repeating the Sewing 101 class and have one more opening.  This class provides sewing basics, like how to thread a machine and wind a bobbin, how to sew seams that are pretty and won't fray, and why you have to have an iron if you want to sew.  We have machines, but you are welcome to bring your own if you need some help with it.  You get a great tote out of it, which is a blank canvas begging for block printing, or whatever your embellishment fancy.

Also on Saturday from 2-4pm, we are hosting an impromptu "make and take"  Mother's Day gifts for kids to make.  Beth Dewalt will guide you in creating ornate paper frames, Phyllis Smith Hansen will be providing materials for lovely beaded bracelets, and my daughter Izzie and her friend Lily will be showing you how to make big beautiful paper flowers.  We will be donating proceeds to benefit Nepal Earthquake victims, so please make this part of your rounds on Saturday.

It's not too late to sign up for Tiana's Resin Jewelry class on Monday, May 11.  We've got a couple of spots left.  Tiana sells her gorgeous jewelry under the name Orange Poppy and her work is simply beautiful.  Now, she will teach you how to make your own, bringing along her collection of paper.  Personally, I plan to use a map with a treasured destination, so if you have something special bring it along.

Don't forget to put on your calendar the Craft Supply Swap here on May 16.  That is the day of the Brooktondale community yard sale, so this is a great day to set aside for both getting rid of supplies you don't need in exchange for some you do, and hunting around for a treasure you didn't know you wanted!

Lastly, you will noticed that we have posted on each class page some information about the Drop In (formerly Open Studio) time.  This is important to us, this idea of building community, and we feel like you have to have time scheduled for people to come hang out and make stuff.  We can't make it totally free, much as we would like to (rent, you know), but we can offer it as a freebe if you are signed up for a class.  So, sign up for a class held in May, the entire month of May you can come to Drop In times for free.  Otherwise, it's $10/drop in day or $40 for 5 punch card.  The times are always posted on the class calendar and are set for the month, though we might occasionally throw in a weekend time.  We'll post notice on Facebook and Twitter if we add days.

Enjoy this weather and make some stuff!  This weather is perfect to make smelly stuff outside!