Enter the Busy Season

Last night's steeking class was amazing.  Amazing.  I'm pretty brave when it comes to trying out new crafts and whatnot, but when it comes to rethinking how to knit something, I'm very conservative in how willing I am to stray from a written pattern.  Susan Mehringer's class reminded me that it's just basics.  Master the basics and everything else can be figured out.  I'm ready to cast on that sweater right now.  I might even turn it into a cardigan.  I'm feeling VERY confident.

May is crazy.  Between the start of all the area farmers' markets, the wrap of school with the concerts, banquets, field trips, etc., both Ithaca College and Cornell's graduation and the Ithaca Festival, I look at the calendar and wonder how people could possibly squeeze in classes too.  But they have.

We had a super Resin Jewelry workshop last Monday with Tiana Trost of Orange Poppy.  Tiana is such a talented artisan, and her teaching style is so gentle, encouraging and fun.  We are aiming for a repeat of this workshop for either July or August.  You leave with a perfect gift for a loved one or yourself!

Papermaking was also fantastic!  So much paper was made using cotton clothing no longer wearable.  It's such a great reuse of materials and the paper is strong and beautiful and destined for another purpose!

Because everyone is so busy, the schedule is light for the next week or so.  Jesse Harriott of Copper Horse Coffee is teaching the Aero Press Methods Class on Sunday, May 24th.  We have used an Aero Press for years, it's such a versatile and small piece of equipment that you can even pack it for camping!  Yes, you can have proper coffee in the woods.  The class price includes the device, so you are getting the Aero Press at wholesale cost and a complete lesson in the various ways it can be used.  Awesome, right?

Things are calm over the Ithaca Festival weekend because everyone will be there, won't they?  We'll offer up some themed drop in times in case you need a break from the crowds.  I'll be working at Thrive's booth on Saturday with my totes, so stop by and say hi if you're around.  

June launches with a bang - check out the schedule!  Mitered napkins, Kumihimo weaving, a new session of Learn to Knit, Brooch/Patch Extravaganza (totally excited about this!), pasta making and dinner, block printing on fabric - whew!  Good stuff.

Meanwhile, get out in the sunshine and don't forget to make stuff!