This Week....

We've got a full week of offerings here at the Craftstitute.  On Wednesday, Jesse Harriott of Copper Horse Coffee will be walking us through the different single cup brew techniques. Personally, we haven't used a traditional coffee maker in years, and my husband plans to attend this class to find yet another method to add to our arsenal.  Come join him for what's certain to be an entertaining and educational evening of coffee talk.

Thursday, the Learn to Knit class steps into action.  We'll be knitting a bag to felt and riveting leather straps on the finished product for a polished and useful first project.  I am a huge fan of knitting something to felt for a first project, as felting (or fulling as it is technically called) resolves a lot of whoopsies and irregularities as you learn the basic stitches.  We still have a couple of openings for this class, so come join us!

Our bookbinding instructor Maude Rith will be hosting Friday night's Mending Night.  Bring an item in need of some TLC and Maude will help you.  Concurrent with this evening will be a Knitters' Help Night.  Dropped some stitches?  Need help seaming?  Bring it on over.  The same cost will apply.  Drop us an email and let us know you're coming, please, especially if you need help with something super tricky.

Whew, still not done.  Saturday is a full day.  First we have making Natural Cleaning Products with Hannah Wortman.  Hannah's customers swear by her fab products, so it is awesome that she is willing to share her recipe with students.  Plus, she is a delightful person - someone you want to hang out with for a couple of hours.  Right after is Pysanky Egg Dyeing with Julia Gray.  I've been talking about this class for a couple of weeks now, and I still have to think hard about how to pronounce "Pysanky."  What is it?  Those beautiful batik dyed eggs that you see in posh magazines?  Yeah, those.  I'm thinking that Zentangle techniques can be applied to this art form, so I'm feeling much more confident about it.  Julia is a fantastic teacher, calm and encouraging, so this should be an excellent class for the lead up to the holidays.

Finally, on Sunday, Maude Rith returns for her Introduction to Bookbinding.  This is another class that I am super excited about, and I'm already planning on how the block printing class is going to create the image for the cover of the book I'll learn to make with Maude.  Just saying.

If you haven't signed up for a class yet, what are you waiting for?