What you told us...

I thought it might be interesting for you all to see the results of the survey we put out earlier this week. In chart form:

We're talking about switching drop-in to another night for the month of December, so we can run some Thursday night classes. We also plan to put as much fun on the weekends as we can. Hopefully you'll be able to squeeze some making in between holiday parties!

Most of you are looking for fun gift classes. On it! We'll run some that use basic skills that most of you already have. We'll also be doing some decorating workshops. For those of you looking to learn a new skill, some of the gift classes will be masquerading as workshops with a gift-able outcome. Like an introduction to wet felting class, and a surface design class. We're trying to figure out how to run a cold-weather indigo pot too.

As for requests, we got some great ones -- and many are already in development. Spinning will be coming in January or February as Drop Spindle Chaos! We will take you from sheep to spun fiber. The soap class will return in March, when we can open the doors to keep your lungs safe while the lye is mixing. Gelatin plate printing is in the testing phase. We'd love to run a welding class and some metalsmithing classes -- the ventilation is, again, the issue. Perhaps we can run these as collaborative classes. Anyone?

And those of you who are looking for gifts for men: we're here for you. There will be some great ones on the schedule when it pops up early next week. For now: the make a cap class currently on the schedule is a great gift for a guy. You just have to get a head measurement before you come to class. Maybe some comment about how you read somewhere that head size is an indicator of something else, and wouldn't it be funny to measure and see?

Thank you all for your support and feedback. Keep your eyes on this space - classes will post soon!