Wool Fest

I always find it ironic that wool and fiber festivals seem to be scheduled in the fall, long after shearing has occurred and just prior to breeding season for spring lambs.  Perhaps I am answering my own question - fleeces have been skirted and prepared for sale, lambs are weaned and ready for new homes.  Winter is coming and fiber folks are itching to make cold weather gear.

For those of us who were unable to make the New York Sheep & Wool Festival last weekend, fondly referred to as "Rhinebeck" in the crafty world, the good folks in Press Bay Alley in downtown Ithaca are putting on their own event - Wool Day - as part of the larger OktoberFest on the Commons tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 24.  Beer and bratwurst and fi-brrrrr - can it get much better?

Despite our country location, or maybe because of, our wonderful friend Kristina at Amuse asked us to host the knitting table tomorrow.  I believe she referred to it as a "yarn social."  If you haven't been to Amuse, you are missing out.  Kristina is a wizard at curating a wonderful cross-section of gifts made by the cottage industrious from all over the country.  She is also a talented crafter herself - many things in her colorful, treasure-filled shop are made by her on the machine she has squirreled away in the back of the store.  It is the new kind of retail, where the proprietor makes much of what is sold.  Or maybe it's the old kind of retail that we are returning to.  In any case, Kristina's shop is perfect for unique gifts and thoughtful, dare I say, ethical shopping.

Venture down tomorrow with your knitting or crocheting, prepare to hang out, have a coffee, and meet the wonderful businesses of Press Bay Alley.  Wear your woolies, visit with old friends and make some new ones!