Team C'Tute, Part Two

This has been a busy week.  Erika and Sarah Gotowka spent much of Thursday messing around with Hopi sunflower dyeing - doing all the necessary legwork to make sure that class participants get a good result.  It was illuminating to watch Erika at work.  She's very visual, but her mind is organized like a good scientist's, so her methodology was very structured.  They say that you grow the most when you are around people with complimentary skills, which is good for me because I will have to work on my patience and discipline to become truly skilled with the dye pot.  Erika has both.

I got the emailed result pictures because, while I was there hanging out over the indigo vat and working on some MiMBY bag ideas, I was absorbing the activity and conversation.  Like knitting and sewing, dyeing has a specific vocabulary that makes it all sound a little foreign to the uninitiated.  I kept interrupting with questions, that annoying student who can't quite wait for the teacher to finish talking, and Erika patiently explained in detail what she was doing.  Low immersion and ph balances and reductions and dyed to exhaustion (which is how I feel sometimes), it was all so new and intimidating.  It reminded me how good it is to learn something new from the very beginning, how humbling, and how important it is to stretch yourself.

It also reminded me how wonderful it is to be working with people who share your passion for craft.

Friday as we unloaded bins of yarn for Hickory's Stash Sale (of Knitting Etc. fame), Erika was posing with yarn that we thought Lisa would like so I could take a picture and text it to her.  We were silly and laughing and enjoying a different side of our community, where we help a friend shed the weight of her old life to prepare for the next chapter.  We got excited about discontinued yarns and colors and Hickory's impeccable taste.  That night, Lisa was sending excited texts about what she had set aside.  I'm surrounded by my people.  And we keep finding more.