Thanks for the Memories KAL

Have you heard of a KAL?  It stands for Knit ALong and is basically a group knitting endeavor where people start a project at the same time with the same goal.  It can be a charitable project, where people knit for a cause or to help a community, or simply a personal project with other knitters cheering you on and holding you accountable to finish.  It can provide goalposts and a timeframe for completing a project, like the Ravelympics, where knitters on Ravelry cast on for a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and aim to complete it by the closing ceremony. 

One of the shop's regular knitters, Jackie, and I decided to do our own KAL because we both wanted to knit the Blue Sands Cardigan.  We bought the same yarn in different colorways and weights, and have been discussing design options within the pattern.  She mentioned it to Dawn, who wants to join us for the moral support, but knit a different sweater, and the idea of a broader KAL was born. 

The going out of business sale at the shop has been bittersweet.  While it has been invigorating to see all the knitters gathered discussing pattern selections and yarn quantities, it makes me sad to think that we won't see the potential realized in the yarns going out the door.  Nothing is more inspiring than a knitter who successfully experimented with pairing a pattern to a yarn and created something unique and personal.  A lot of yarn gets sold when these projects return in their final form modeled by the knitter.

So, here's the plan.  Any yarn that you've purchased at Knitting Etc. over the past nine years is qualified to participate.  Any pattern of any kind is welcome.  While we're knitting sweaters, you are free to choose whatever pattern inspires you, though having a cheering section to get through a sweater is a positive force for completion.  Just saying.  We cast on this week, so go ahead and get swatching.  If you have a Ravelry account, we'll post this KAL on the Ithacans forum.  You have to become a member of the forum, but then you can post your pictures and discuss among yourselves.  We'll schedule opportunities to meet around town for progress reports (haha), and to provide moral support.