Good Distractions

Bumping around the internet can be a big waste of time, but it also holds inspiration as long as you walk away and act on it.  A while ago, I saw these lovely Bento Bags on a website I admire and visit frequently.  I have the DIY affliction, the one that will not allow you to buy something you can make, so I spent some time trying to figure out how to make one out of a square napkin, yes, no, not possible.  Finally, I reluctantly went back online, sought out a tutorial, and started playing with fabric ideas.

I've had this nice French ticking around for a while and it makes a nice Bento Bag.  On the smaller bag I finished the edges with a blanket stitch on my machine.  It's a little messy for my taste, but the tutorial I followed serged the edges, which I didn't like at all.  The larger bag has pressed seams, which looks very nice.  

My preference is this combo:

I really like the black shot linen with the polka dots and plan to make this a MiMBY item as it really is great for organizing a good many things.  Simple linen ones are used in kitchens and for lunches.  The tricky part is figuring out useful sizes.  The large ticking measures 8" across, 5" deep and stands at the sewn join 4" tall.  The corners tie together nicely.  The black linen is 6.5"X4" and stands 2.5" tall at the join.  It's a bit more tricky to tie up as it's a little more stiff.  The little one I was just messing about with scraps - 4"X2" by 1.5".  It's really more suitable for change, buttons and little fairy dolls.  Everything needs its place, no?

I do like the idea of using these for knitting projects and plan to make more, perhaps including in the MiMBY shop if I can find a way to finish to my liking.  Suggestions on how to make them better are appreciated!

Did you know that knitting is considered therapy?  Those of us who knit already know the positive effects that knitting, really making stuff with your hands, has on your psyche.  Learning a new skill is fantastic for keeping your brain pliant and active, actually doing that skill gets you into the "flow" that requires complete concentration and removes you from your worries for a time.  I can attest to that as I've had a somewhat stressful week and settling in to work on these bags had a very calming and lovely effect.  

If you haven't heard about this documentary, check it out.  It's about a group of 80 something fashionistas who embrace the idea that what you wear, and you don't have to spend a fortune to be fashionable, tells people about who you are.  I LOVE clothes, I really do, and wearing something fun or silly makes me feel really happy all day long.  That these ladies refuse to "go gentle into the good night" and are wearing Doc Martins and cute dresses and sassy haircuts makes my heart sing.  I want to be just like them!