Taking Pictures

Tooth Fairy Boxes

Tooth Fairy Boxes

I know so many people who are really good at taking pictures.  They are skilled at catching moments, particularly with kids.  I am not.  Part of it is a lack of interest.  I find the technical side of photography tiresome.  I just want to point and shoot, which I believe requires an expensive camera.  Since that is not an option right now, I am working on learning about the camera I have.


I've learned that part of it is taking advantage of the light.  Here in upstate NY, the sun does not always shine, so when it does, one has to get the camera out immediately.   Staging is not really a forte of mine, but I'm working on it.  I love the cut pages of old bound books.  I have loads of books that were mine as a kid.  They have that fantastic musty smell that evokes used book shops and libraries.  

These tooth fairy boxes are in the Etsy shop.  They are a perfect gift for little ones just getting ready to lose baby teeth or for teenagers who need reminders that we love them.  My teenager just passed his driver's test yesterday and promptly drove off to the store alone just because he could.  It was desperately hard to let him go, but parenting seems to be a continual weaning process.  We have to trust that our lessons and admonitions have lodged into their brains, that they will be safe with their bodies.  Meanwhile, we focus on the little things we can control and make silly things that bring on a smile.