MiMBY Store and Stuff

One minute we were celebrating the end of the school year and now it's August!  How this happens, I'll never know.  We've been in town all summer, enjoying the variety of weather upstate New York is providing.  It's been a cool and wet summer compared to recent years and the local fruit has been amazing.  My apple trees are positively laden with fruit and we discovered a sour cherry tree that we hadn't known existed.  The kids spent a lot of time on a step ladder eating cherries under blue skies. 

MiMBY now has an Etsy store , and I have spent most of my free time making things and preparing patterns to make things.  It has been great fun and so invigorating to sit down for large and small blocks of time to work on product.  I am learning to use my time more wisely and I am finding inspiration everywhere.

Some products you'll find now on the store site:


The MiMBY Phantom Son has been working on photographing product.  Some are better than others - we're learning! 


I plan to have a little shop in my workroom and sell tools for making fun things like yo-yo's and pompoms.  I have classes and workshops in the planning stages for the final weeks of summer and into the new school year.   

Be well!