What Makes You Groove?

I recently stumbled upon an article in the Washington Post about a guy named Mr. Mustache who retired at 30.  He didn't make a killing on Wall Street or create a start-up company, in fact, he chose a pretty traditional path.  He put himself through college for an engineering degree without debt.  He and his wife managed to live on less than one income and invest the second income - buying their home outright, purchasing a rental property outright, and investing the rest of the money judiciously.  They drove second-hand cars and never ate out, they made the things they bought last.  Mr. Mustache didn't like to waste things or money, so he didn't.  And now he advises other people how to do what he did.

What he did was not fritter away money on the little things.

Frittering is something I do well.  Money, time, space, I can fritter with the best of them.  So I have been imposing a bit of discipline on myself by having to make something or work on something every single day.  It's amazing what gets made when you do this.

A few weeks ago, the MiMBY Girl and I were frittering on the computer.  Well, she was doing homework and I was sitting with her drinking tea and perusing Pinterest for inspiration.  If you're going to fritter time away on Pinterest, then you best be prepared to want to start making stuff.  Lots of stuff.  While there, I found this:



Anna Maria Horner is a fabric designer and she really knows how to sell product by making wonderful items out of her delicious fabrics.  Her blog is filled with wonderful inspiration and the minute I saw this skirt I thought,  "That fabric would make a lovely bag."  MiMBY Girl saw that skirt and said,  "I would really like it if you made me that skirt." 

Well, now that was a request that was difficult to resist.  A fabric purchase justified by sewing something for another, a chance to make a groovy bag.  Or two.  It is the end of the school year after all, and teachers like groovy bags too.



I decided to skip a pattern and just wing it by cutting two rectangles and then creating box pleats to either side of the central print.  A 5" zipper on the side and bias tape on on the waistband finished the skirt nicely.  MiMBY Girl was very pleased and put it on immediately.



Dance moves ensued.  And there happens to be plenty leftover for a bag.  Or a throw pillow.  Or several.