It Takes a Village... the Marketing Edition

Whew.  The first ever MiMBY Holiday Gift Market is over.  What a fabulous experience.  What started as an idea my lovely sister-in-law relayed to me on a dog walk and I tossed to a friend with lots of farmer's market selling experience grew into a fun event with 6 artists and makers selling products to friends, neighbors, and community members.  It was a party at my house with a great spread of food and drink, but it was also a chance for people to connect, learn what drives people to make things, and support a passion for creating.  I can't help but hope that it will spur other people to open their homes and invite people to sell, to buy, to eat, drink, and be merry too.  It's worth the trouble, trust me.

A funny thing happens when people ask you about a product.  "What would you do with this?"  I was asked about tiny snap purses I had just made and not had time to photograph.  At this event, I learned to deflect.  "What would you do with it?"  I asked.  Suddenly, the single emergency tampon and aspirin has a home in a capacious bag.  Brilliant.

Those crazy macarons that I felt I had to make even though all I could think to do with them was send a secret note inside has a new career - Tooth Fairy Box.  Seriously, I may be creative, but I am so unimaginative.  It really does take a village.