Production Line


The MiMBY Teenager was after me to get the sun print t-shirts done (he wanted to get paid), so we spent a long evening applying the chemicals that make the magic happen.


I'm not really set up for production runs of anything, which forces one to be creative.


The first time we did this, I tried to use a sponge brush, which was effective, but ugly.  I mean super ugly, splotchy, horrid.  This time I used a spray bottle and, after dealing with over-spray issues, found it left a nice even pleasing coat of the photography chemicals that create the sun-print image.  Our first foray also happened during the day, which started out cloudy and dark, perfect for using light sensitive chemicals.  Unfortunately, upstate NY decided to offer up a nice sunny day instead (nice for everyone else) and throw my plans into chaos - wreaking havoc with our dark windowless downstairs closet.  This time, we chose to work at night and allow the shirts to dry overnight in the dark.  I awoke at the wee hours of the morning to get the shirts out of danger before the sun rose.

These shirts will be sold as kits in child and adult sizes - perfect for a holiday gift for those difficult to buy for dads and grandpas.  What grandfather wouldn't want a unique and beautiful sun-printed tee created by the grandkiddies?  Coming soon to the MiMBY store, the December gift market, and right now if you ask nicely!