Happy Happy New Year!

After a week away, with all good intentions to take a week and get back into the groove, one week turned into two.  Wisdom teeth were extracted, meetings attended, school projects completed, and suddenly I find we are more than halfway through January.  A lot was accomplished during this time.  A sweater finished.  A furry warm blanket sewn together.  Applique projects, a Kindle case, origami - we were doing things and trying to record them as well, always a challenge for me.  I do not reach for a camera naturally.


The Carolina Ribbon sweater turned out to be a winner.  The MiMBY Girl chose well and it was nice to take a break from the usual cardigans I'm drawn to wear.  This knit up fast on size 8 needles.  This sweater has a little more structure than the one in the book, having been knit with Cascade 220 Superwash instead of the lovely and very expensive Rowan Lima, which I adore but cannot imagine putting on a child's body.  Good grief, I'd freak out over every meal and trip wadded up in the bottom of her backpack.  We still need to shop for a better ribbon, but this was an acceptable interim choice.


We had a doggie visitor over the holidays.  Daisy, a miniature Australian Shepherd, came to stay while her family was away.  She was a big fan of the furry blanket that I finally stitched together, having bought the fabric on sale while shopping for Halloween costume fixings.  Shameful, really, that it took this long to get to it as it was a 45 minute project from beginning to end.


This is a wrapping job for a birthday party the MiMBY Girl is attending today.  I include in as a hint of the classes I'll be offering towards the end of the month.  This is a recycled map I got from Freecycle folded into a gift box and some salvaged wrapping paper from a Christmas gift.  I plan to hold some Recycle Art classes in February, as well as a knitting class/circle for kids.  Dates and more information to follow.