Button Books

For the first holiday gift class, we'll be making button books.  I started messing around with one today to get a sense of size and scale.  These buttons are too small for the book, You can see the paper sticking out a bit at the sides, but I've decided to leave it as a warning note:


This was really fun to create.  Buttons are a  passion of mine and prior to having kids, whenever we ventured to antique shops I was seeking out the button bins.  I have a pretty large stash.

Here, I've used a pair of old shell buttons, mismatched.  I've been trying to figure out how to make this something that could hang since most of the ones on Pinterest lay about on tabletops looking charming, but calling for chance to be a pendant or a tree decoration.

I used linen string that I found at Michael's and sandwiched it between the button and the first page.  I've not solved the problem completely with this sample as the book dangles open, but if a loop is created at the bottom before feeding through the holes and then exiting out the top, then the  string can be looped round the "book" and fed through the loop clasping the book shut.  I'll try that next.  

Tomorrow, I'll work on doing some Shrinky Dink buttons for the covers as the fun that can be had with that is endless!   My camera is rubbish with taking pictures of small things so I'll leave the inside pages a mystery.  :-)