The Holiday Race and Craft Classes

You read about people all over the internet planning their holiday knitting and crafting well before the Holiday Season officially begins, which for my kids is Nov. 1st as a palliative for the Halloween candy hangover.  I know of people who begin planning and knitting in September.  SEPTEMBER!  I know!

I am NOT one of those people.  Until I have fully digested Thanksgiving, and yes, every holiday in our household revolves around eating, I am not yet ready to consider the List.  This means that the month of December is fraught with panicked nights of endless knitting (shame, I know), coupled with muttered "what was I thinking?" and some reconciliation about what cannot be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.

Honestly, I love it.  I have to or I'd plan better.  

My husband is worse.  He doesn't even start thinking about shopping or the List until somewhere within the week of Christmas Day.  This makes him no help whatsoever except in the final splurge of spending that puts retailers in the black for the season.

I've been wanting to organize craft classes for kids to make gifts for their families, because honestly what is better as a gift than something handmade from your kids?  Of course, since I don't start thinking about holidays until the season is upon us, I haven't planned much on this and now I'm playing catch up.  However, please note that I will be hosting four (4!!) craft classes in my home starting next week for elementary aged kids.  I will post the dates and times on the classes page as I finalize that in the next day or so.  The cost will be minimal, to help cover materials, and your kids will leave with a finished gift AND the knowledge of how to make more!

I'm so excited!