More Projects (or am obsessed am I?)

My MiMBY Girl is a six year old fashion plate.  She loves to dress up and refuses to wear pants.  Leggings with skirts are de rigueur when the weather turns chilly, as it is now that we are fully into November.

Recently, we discussed a new sweater and Izzie saw this and fell in love with it:


Yeah, I know.  It's gorgeous - Sylvi from the Twist Collective.  It is an adult pattern and MiMBY Giirl is six.  Math was involved.  I went ahead and thought maybe I could make this work anyway.  I opted to make the largest size with a light worsted weight yarn - Cascade 220 Superwash - instead of the bulky yarn called for.  Because I don't like making gage swatches, which one should ABSOLUTELY DO when substituting a yarn that probably will require math, I made a sleeve to operate as a gage swatch, which is a decent alternative.  Who wants to commit to all that cable work on the back if you're going to have to rip it out?

It turns out that this was a terrible substitution.  It wasn't going to work without a complete rewrite of the pattern.  There is a reason that I am really good at following other people's patterns and will most likely never write one of my own.  My little one was a good sport about the situation and we went looking for another sweater to match the yarn and found this book:


There were several beautiful choices, but this is not my sweater and it is important to make a sweater that the beneficiary actually wants.  


I suspect that the choice was made based on the ribbon accessory, but after casting on during yesterday's knitting circle and getting several rows of pattern completed, I'm happy she made this choice as the stitch pattern is new to me and is interesting to work.  I'm guessing that with MiMBY Girl's royal tendencies, she'll want a gold ribbon to go with the purple.

Izzie's ribbon sweater.jpg