I make things.
— Robin Tilling

I make things.  And I like to meet people who make things.  I like to talk about making things.  With a couple of friends I started a school called Craftstitute, where people could find crafty classes.  We ran a lot of different classes - sewing, knitting, natural dyes, block printing and jewelry making, woodworking - so many classes, but we found that running a school didn't work with our other lives and closed our doors.  

The community of people I found through Craftstitute is one that I want to foster even if it isn't through a school setting.  The people who taught classes for Craftstitute have so much to offer the community, their knowledge and enthusiasm and good cheer is something to celebrate and cherish.

With MIMBY I hope to do that, and make it easy for the artisans and teachers of craft to be found doing their thing.

Welcome to the community.  

- Robin